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Here is a quick video showing you how you can get started with the ProsperentAds Network.

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Prosperent Ads Overview - Maximize Your Ad Revenue

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Use The Network to monetize search traffic that comes to your website or blog. Basically instead of Pay per click, you get paid a normal affiliate commission for products that are ordered.

ProsperentAds database has all the products of virtually every merchant in all the product networks like PepperJam, Comission Junction, Share a Sale, LinkShare, etc etc. So there is no time consuming searching through offers, just paste a little piece of code on your page and your set to go. ProsperentAds will automagically take care of the rest.

With a database of over 50 million products from hundreds of merchants you can be sure that the prosperent ads will help your pages pay.

Are you ready for something new?

Tired of $0.40 cent adsense clicks? Want To Get Big Profits From The Ads on Your Pages?

The record stands at $714 for a single click. Many affiliates are reporting that their monthly revenue from ProsperentAds system has surpassed their Adsense yearly revenue.

For years affiliates and publishers have had to spend countless hours trying to monetize their traffic and content. The industry standard has been to give all the resources to the affiliate, and let them run with it.

But what if there was something easier, something that worked dynamically and automatically. is proud to introduce a whole new platform for dynamic affiliate advertising.

Targeted Cost-Per-Action Advertising through is as simple as it gets.

Get Started Today - Here is a video explaining how to set up ProsperentAds on your site.

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